Annual Campaigns


It depends!  There are different types of commitment campaigns. The campaigns listed IN THIS BROCHURE are organized into categories according to the style of approach used. Many of the campaigns are tricky to classify, so don’t automatically rule out an option because it is in a certain category.  Begin by thinking about which type of campaign might work most effectively in your church at this time.  How would you answer these questions?

  • What approach will people respond to best at this time?
  • How will this help people be open to growing in their generosity?
  • How does the congregation enjoy spending time together – in a large group or small group discussions or meetings? Do you prefer mailings?
  • What types of campaigns have you done lately?
  • What is the budget and amount of time to be spent on a campaign?
  • What spiritual needs does the congregation have in regards to giving? Has there been discussion about tithing?
  • Does the congregation consist of mostly life long members or newer Christians?
  • What about missions? What are the educational goals for the program? What are the goals for interpreting the ministries of your congregation?

We suggest the Pastor and a member of the stewardship committee start by narrowing the initial selection to about 2 to 6 options from this brochure. Then a committee could make the final decision. Folks are invited to come to the Foundation office to PREVIEW the materials in our Stewardship Resource Room.  Please call 1-888-903-9863 for an appointment!


  • A congregation that fails to encourage its members regularly and systematically to commit their resources, is a congregation on the way to extinction!
  • Members whose giving is backed by a fundamental commitment are documented to give at dramatically higher levels.