Investment Options

Starting with a $500,000 Grants Fund, our Investment Fund Service today manages over $115,000,000.

In comparison to other United Methodist Foundations, the Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation ranks #1 in the North Central Jurisdiction in the dollar amount of investments under management.

Is your church interested in learning more about opening an account with the Foundation? Please call 1-888-903-9863 and ask to speak with Eric Churan to get started today!

Common Fund

An investment fund designed specifically for churches and church-related agencies. Here is a copy of our Common Fund Investment Policy statement for your review: Common Fund Investment Policy.

The default asset allocation for the Common Fund is Option #3 below. This fund is invested in our professionally managed equity pool, and in our professionally managed fixed-income pool. (Churches may also choose to designate a percentage of the fixed-income portion of their Common Fund account to be invested in the Church Loan Pooled Fund.)

Beginning in 2007 the Foundation expanded the different asset allocation models available to investors:

  • OPTION #1: 75% Equity & 25% Fixed-Income asset allocation
  • OPTION #2: 60% Equity & 40% Fixed-Income asset allocation
  • OPTION #3: 50% Equity & 50% Fixed-Income asset allocation
  • OPTION #4: 40% Equity & 60% Fixed-Income asset allocation
  • OPTION #5: 30% Equity & 70% Fixed-Income asset allocation
  • OPTION #6: 20% Equity & 80% Fixed-Income asset allocation
  • OPTION #7:: 10% Equity & 90% Fixed-Income asset allocation
  • OPTION #8: 0% Equity & 100% Fixed-Income asset allocation**

** Option #8 is a conservative investment option for churches and church-related agencies. It is professionally managed, and is invested primarily in Corporate Bonds and U.S. Government Agency Securities. (Churches may also choose to designate any percentage of their Fixed-Income account to be invested in the Church Loan Pooled Fund.) Typical accounts invested in Option #8 would include long term funds owned by churches needing current income for operating expenses, yet wanting to avoid market risk of a stock portfolio.

Church Loan Pooled Fund

Churches may choose to designate up to 100% of the Fixed-Income portion of their Common Fund accounts to be invested in our Loan Pooled Fund. This fund provides 1st Mortgages to qualified Wisconsin United Methodist Churches that have met our mortgage loan underwriting criteria. Churches receiving Foundation loans must have first met the Annual Conference requirements for funding a building program. The payment of Conference Apportionments will be reviewed & will be part of our loan evaluation process.


Disclaimer: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Therefore, no current or prospective Investor should assume that the future performance of any specific investment, investment strategy (including the investments and/or investment strategies adopted by the Finance and Investment Committee in consultation with its selected consultant), will be profitable or equal to indicated or anticipated performance levels.

Typical Accounts Invested in the Common Fund

  • Permanent funds received by churches from wills, bequests and memorials
  • Excess or long term funds from churches that need to earn more than certificates of deposit for the long term
  • Charitable Remainder Unitrusts
  • Charitable Gift Annuities

Investment Fees:

  • The TOTAL COST of our service is:
    • .70 of 1% annually on the Fixed-Income or Loan Pool market value of your account
    • .90 of 1% annually on the Equity Pool market value of your account
  • This annual fee includes all legal, administrative, investment and auditing fees.
  • There is no cost to deposit or withdraw funds.